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Taking myself to my leader...
When I awoke that day, my face lying on the cold kitchen table, I was, truly a bit happy. Then I was Happy that I was Happy, and then I was horrified, and unhappy about myself being not Happy with my situation. But of course I knew how very sorry I was for myself, and that I had to do this to me. Well, I calmed down soon after, I was smart enough to set off some mild tranquillizers into my new brain, and started to eat the Sorry Cake I made for myself.
After all it WAS important, and its not like I could have asked myself beforehand. If I could have done this, there would have been no point.
Well, lets start my mission.
Did you know, that if you collect and analyze every single bit of radiation coming from a star with a gravity lens, you can find out an awful lot of stuff about it.
After 20 hours of observation you can filter out all light that comes directly from the star.
Then you can see the planets circling that star quite clearly. With 140 hours of observation you can determin
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He Is Not Chosen Chapter 6
They changed back to their normal clothes and went to the cafeteria. Because of the assembly this morning they didn't get any breakfast, and yesterday evening He just got cake, so He was pretty much starved. The Cafeteria was a nice building made of natural stone, and had a rather small entrance, where a mass of students already flooded in. He wondered how big exactly this school was, as He squeezed through the Door alongside Nelly and some of her friends. According to His timetable they had two whole hours to eat lunch, but He thought they could need them, because the Dining Hall didn't have enough chairs for everyone to eat in it. While He still wondered weather they had to play musical chairs to fit in, Nelly already stood in line at a window where the food was handed out. It was Pizza! What a nice way to start the Term! What a shame to find it was full of mushrooms... "Pizza" "3 Pizzas" "2 Pizzi!" "3 Pizze and 2 times something without mushrooms or onions." "15 Minutes." "What? You
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He Is Not Chosen Chapter 5
The Next Period was PE from Skill, after they changed into their PE Clothes they made their way to the Track Parcour, well, parcour was the best word for it, for it was more like an obstacle course than a track field. The runner's lane was full of little hills as if it was a sinus curve, the Field in the Middle was full of little trees, there were walls of various heights and shapes everywhere.
A man, with a build that looked much like Michael, and a Smile which could have melted Ice stood before them.
"Welcome to Skill. Please to Grow accustomed to this new environment we will play a game of Tag. I start, and any tagged person will become a Zombie, and has to help me tag the others. And because I know how hard it is to find the motivation to play tag all out in your age, I am giving a prize money of 10000$ to the last person who manages to survive until the end of the lesson. If there are more than two students left at the end of ninety minutes, or I catch anyone letting himself get t
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He Is Not Chosen Chapter 4
"As you all know you are Free to leave. You have a High School Diploma and are ready to enter college or get a Job. Many of your fellow Classmates have already done so. 15 A students, 7 C students, no B. While some say this is because B students are to lazy to turn in the required Paperwork, I agree."
Laughter from the left and right side of the big but nearly empty assembly hall.
"But this may also because B had the worst results on this High school diploma, and will find neither University nor Job." Again everyone but the row standing in the middle of the Hall laughed. "Still after this Assembly you will all be confronted with a special education, harder then most university coursework, and experience tells me that B always coped best with that until now." Silence. He looked at the Girl behind Him (He was the last in the Boys' Row and she the first in the Girls' Row), who was a bit relieved and His innards cramped up. He missed three years worth of Schoolwork. "Because from here on y
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He Is Not Chosen Chapter 3
"I finally found you... Princess" He thought as a group of girls with huge Backpacks left the building. Good thing Brandon brought Him here.
He marched straight at the group of girls. Shifted through them, grabbed the one with the long sleek black hair from behind. "Something is behind me" she thought. "Princess!!" He said and turned her to face Him, "I'm Sorry..." and kissed her.Her lips tasted like a citrus fruit of love...
"WAAH!" An elbow connected with His jaw.
She turned ninety degrees and another hit Him in the stomach. Finally after a roundhouse kick to the back of His head He fell to the ground.
Someone giggled.
"What should we do...."
They considered a few seconds until one of them said "I know! We can JusT leave him here! We don't know him anyway!"
They laughed.
"Can it be... You all read ... K-E-Y?" Somehow He managed to survive the combo "Yes, in art class." a redhaired girl said. He looked up in His attackers blue eyes. She looked confused a
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He Is Not Chosen Chapter 2
Fresh and wide awake He stood before his new school and relished the feeling of anticipation. He Closed His Eyes and held His hands up high in the air. It was a great feeling...
It was going to become a great year. He may even see Nelly again... "Yeah! Hahahahaha..."
He laughed. Why? Because life was a great thing. Because of Love and Art, good Food and Humor.
Because He was Happy everything existed.
This of course seemed incredibly ridiculous to any onlookers. Good thing there were only 200 of them. And also good He didn't know that. And that those thought that was an incredibly good sign. "Should we wait until He is finished?" "Well, some say we should just make ourselves noticeable, others think we should wait." "How about letting Him notice someone walking past who pretends not to see Him?" "Good Idea, tell it to Michael." The idea was accepted and Andreas was send to walk past.
He stretched a bit and greeted Andreas, "Hello! I'm the New Guy! How can I get to the office?"
"Oh, hi!
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He is Not Chosen Chapter 1
"Memismodmimmelfmifoudmismemomimemauseomnimniemsmucks.", Michael whispered through his muffler "Really?" "Really." "You are kidding!" "No." "Wow... And we gotta teach Him to use that to help us?" "Yes." "Why that? I always thought He was the only one we cannot squash like an insect?" "Well, that was before these frat guys showed up." "And I also thought we couldn't find or contact Him?" "Well, but He was kind enough to tell us He would bump into a signpost on the marketplace here tonight." "And thats why we are watching that sign for 7 hours?" "Finally you understand." "Why didn't He tell us the exact time?" "I will tell you only if you swear never to tell anybody." "Dude... They ARE impenetrable, aren't they... OK, I swear." Michael leaned in really Close and whispered again: "He finds it funny to let us freeze to death..."
And in the hazy wet night, a little boy came running across the snowy sqare. He wore a long red and Black mantle along with a scarf, a bit too big for Him, and it
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A Fairytale: The Cold world.
In a little village somewhere in a rural faraway country, there sits a God on a pedestal.
He sits there as long as people can remember, or in fact he sat there since the beginning of time. Not a single thing did he ever do, or so the people believed.
However because he sits there in his dignified manner with his stern face and also because he hasn't aged in the last... well since ever. People did not question the fact he was a god. His sitting pose was always the same, no matter what happened. Sometimes outsiders didn't believe in him, and tried to prod him with a stick or something from the offerings. The god did not budge, but rather just started sitting somewhere else nearby, without moving at all.
In this manner he even evaded a bullet once, said incident leading to the building of a big temple and employment of several priests and priestesses, who took care of the god and the offerings. Because the offerings where always important.
There are three main legends about the god.
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Germany Saxonia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I am Slim.
Print preference: Pencil
Favourite genre of music: Death M
Favourite photographer: Dunno...
Favourite style of art: CITRUS
Operating System: LINUX and WIN-XP-SP3
MP3 player of choice: I Beat Blaxxx(Its really called that)
Shell of choice: Pearl Oyster
Wallpaper of choice: Rough-fiber
Skin of choice: I'm no Racist!
Favourite cartoon character: Naori from K-E-Y
Personal Quote: "You know, tonight I dreamed you would die. And now I see your dumb face again. Fuck.
I seek an Artist.

Genre: A Plot and Scriptwise completed action (not much) comedy (lots) drama (lots) fantasy (depends on your viewpoint) historical (partially, mostly the second Bonus-Chapter) horror (mostly solved into a Comical situation) josei (Kinda) live action (planned) mystery (depends on your viewpoint, but some chapters yes indeed) psychological (Well Christians might find this one offending) romance (lots(mostly Comedy)) school life (half of it) seinen (Yes.) shoujo (Girls will surely love it to Death.) shounen (Boys will love the Comedy) slice of life (Those are my favorite Moments) supernatural (A better fit than Fantasy) tragedy (I will not tell the tragic thing to anyone, not even my Artist, because it will come really as a surprise, which I want to spoil for nobody.)
How does this all fit together? Like it did in SaiK***(don't want to spoil the best Manga ever for you by telling you it's genre, Ano?).

I have an ultimate Story of epic awesome finished from Back to Front featuring 13 Original highly Detailed Characters. (And some people on the sidelines. For example a Manga Club recruiting Bishi-Sex-Slaves. "All hail to Bishi-Sex-Slaves!")
It is 18 Chapters + 2 Bonus Chapters.
It starts with a Single Chapter featuring Action Scenes. After that comes a gigantic Story while it slowly slips into the Depths of Comedy. All the While Fake Romance becomes real and untold Drama unfolds while the Fate of the World depends on a Billion Year old bishi-virgin not getting laid by his girlfriend.
Everything will end in an totally unexpected twisted and partially really cruel but still funny way.
The last Panel will emanate a dread of Apocalypse, which will give a field day to fanfiction-writers.
I don't want to call it Fantasy because Jesus Christ and some Angels are Characters.
Still we see some unlikely(But never impossible or illogical, the Logic is checked unbroken from the Axioms of set-theory, induction and choice.) things:
We will take a look at the menu in "The Cafeteria of Hell", and see why boredom is the meaning of life and a fight between Good and Evil. Only problem is: The Evil guys are not as evil as the Good ones would like them. And the reader will find it pretty rich of the Good Guys to call themselves that.

I also Planned some Cameos of everyones favorite Sweet toothed barefooted Bishi, and the man who smells like teen spirit. We will see God's gigantic plastic symbol of Courage, Wisdom and Power as well as the Tentacled Angel of absolute fail(This time without the Fail).

If you want to hear more, PM me and I'll send you a many-page-long Character overview.


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First off:
I saved a link to the first page when picked out several mangas to read over summer.
I started reading later without knowing anything. I didn't even look at the Cover again.
I didn't know it was seinen or sience fiction ect~

I thought it was a Shoujou oneshot.
If you cut off after the first chapter it becomes a nice little short lovestory.

OK. Finished, next one. But behold! I just pressed next randomly and a second chapter appeared!
Well, I thought: "It's probably about another couple in the same class."
And you know what happened next, didn't you?
I started laughing about this unexpected development.
I didn't stop Laughing for 26 hours, then I arrived at the ending, and started crying. Then I re-read the first chapter and pretended that nothing else happened after it...

[link] needs members an a logo.
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sorry i havent answered back the problem is i dont have internet so use my friends when i can, so what other mangas have u read?
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Puh, [link] ,Death Note, Elfen Lied, and a buttload of Comedies, also [link] is really good, but the author hates me...

I write a lot, but mainly in German. In English I only wrote a few trifles seen on DA, but I have got a Script for a Manga of my own, inspired by Saikano and striving to attain it's tone containing a lot of my sweat and love, however sadly with nobody to Draw it(hint, hint).

Other than that I really like Battle Royale, Donnie Darko and Haruhi Suzumia.

And Zelda.
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